History of the Company

Europea 92 S.p.A was established on 2.10.1989 and operates in the construction industry providing specialist services both nationally and internationally to road and railway works, water works as well as  special subsoil foundations in general.

Since the beginning of its history the company’s core business has been focused on road infrastructures, thus achieving remarkable expertise in both strategic and high technology market niches. The high production levels reached by the company combined with remarkable quality management standards constitute the very basis upon which the entire business lays its foundation.

High quality standards and innovations in technology have always been the two main objectives sought by management. Europea 92 S.p.A stands out in the national and international portfolio of businesses operating in infrastructures and special subsoil works thanks to its competitive state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. Our fleet is constantly upgraded in accordance with the market’s technological innovation and technical complexities implied in each assignment. Particular care is dedicated to recruitment and training of personnel to be included in our workforce. Specific skills, abilities and expertise for each professional profile are the basis for each selection process.

Our workforce is duly and carefully trained according to all standards required by the Legislative Decree 81/2008 as well as all standards required by  OHSAS 18001:2007 in relation to health and safety in the workplace.

Our business organization is proud to have a workforce made of highly skilled technicians with high managerial and technical competencies. A team able to face and deal with all the various problems which might be encountered in the execution of complex operations and which are typical of complex work assignments.

Management is focused on a structured Integrated Management System fully compliant with ISO 9001:2015 ( quality management)  ISO 14001:2015 ( environmental management) ISO 39001: 2006 (road safety) and OHSAS 18001:2007( Health and Safety in the workplace). Its organizational structure is in line with the Legislative Decree 231/2001 and fully outlines our principles of loyalty, transparency, integrity and responsibility. The Organizational Model is fully implemented to ensure achievement of the company’s corporate purpose in accordance with all provisions of the law and any other voluntary rules and regulations which have been undersigned by Europea 92 S.p.A. Our Code of Ethics was put together in 2008 and today constitutes an integral part of our Organizational Model of Management and Control.

A notable event is certainly the 2005 acquisition of the “Infrastructure” branch of the “Coopcostruttori” group of companies in Extraordinary Administration. This is a historic company that has always operated within the same field as ours and has always held a very prestigious role. Today, it fully belongs to Europea 92 S.p.A allowing us to implement our prestigious know-how which previously belonged to the Cooperative of Ferrara. This represents another significant step forward towards achieving our objectives of constant growth in production values and expansion of expertise. Coopcostruttori s.c. a r.l. has in fact been ranked 5th in the overall classification of national construction companies with an average annual turnover amounting to approximately € 400 million. This acquisition  consolidated the presence of Europea 92 S.p.A within the field  of road infrastructure and special subsoil works thus granting unlimited “SOA” ranking for road works, railways, special subsoil foundations and tunnel realization as well as specific machinery and equipment.

Participation to the E.R.E.A consortium is another important achievement. The Consortium and our Company operate in the same fields with identical reference skills and projects which are conducted throughout the nation.
On 01/07/2011 Eurofin SpA, Europea 92 SpA and Ricci Costruzioni S.p.A. were merged to form a single large company with a new and increased capital of € 8.000.000,00, enhancing the overall operational capacity and productivity of the company. This merger allowed Europea 92 S.p.A to achieve its objectives in terms of management and production streamlining. A new reality placing  Europea 92 among the leading companies within the infrastructure sector of Italy was created.

Europea 92 S.p.A is also active abroad exercising its economic activity through  secondary offices (both permanent establishments or branches) and subsidiaries, favouring, in the  current economic context, the geographical mobility of its employees who have always been  the dominant element for the continuation and development of corporate interests.